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9 hours ago, Tom King said:

Looking great.  Probably useless information, but I use Iwasaki wood files for fine tuning tenons for good fits in mortises.  Might seem like cheating, but it works, and leaves smooth surfaces.  They clean up the sides of through mortises too.  I think they call the finest ones Extreme Fine, and those are the ones I use the most.

That is an excellent idea. I'll have to look into those files. I've used metal ones before but i always feel like I'm doing something wrong there.

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I'm with @Chet the right tool for the job. I started using rasps when I did my sculpted bar stools I started with 2 I now have almost a dozen and use them all the time. Case and point my recent digital movie poster frame I used a small riffler to clean up the inside corners after I routed the 1/8" round over :) 

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On 5/13/2020 at 1:13 PM, Chestnut said:

Rasps and files designed for woodworking are 1 thing. I was just grabbing a metalworking file though. I imagine that there is some sort of sacrilege about using a metalworking tool for woodworking.

Single-cut metal files leave a nice, shiny surface on wood. Just consider them a variation of a chisel or plane. :D

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I fine tune dovetails with a steel rule that has sticky sandpaper on one side (I think it's 120 grit). I found it's best to put the sandpaper on the side without the markings, but I digress... The rule isn't real stiff like a rasp, but a well-placed finger guides it to where it needs to go. Also really good for putting a tiny angle on the backside, more helpful when you're working hard woods.

Drew, my wife suggested that you take the boards you want signed, and if people aren't able to attend in person, mail it to them for signatures, then they can mail it to the next person and so on. It'll take more time, but it'll be what you wanted.

PS that sideboard is taking shape nicely :)

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10 hours ago, Coop said:

Less attendance, less donations, err uh, cards. But less attendance, less open bar tab. Almost makes you want to go to the courthouse and just sign the papers , doesn’t it? Just one GUYS opinion. 

Careful Coop I mentioned that to my youngest last week and she lost it, I felt terrible :(

They did push their ceremony/ reception to July 2021 so that's good but they  still want to be married this year so they plan to have a small ceremony in August I'm like you know you can go to the court house and in 5 min be legally married right...yeah not the right thing to say!  I feel bad for them but my normally very intelligent and grounded daughter is so emotionally tied to this dang wedding its unbelievable. 

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45 minutes ago, pkinneb said:

my normally very intelligent and grounded daughter is so emotionally tied to this dang wedding its unbelievable. 

I know it has to be different in today's situation but when our daughter was going through this we found that the safest and sanest thing to do was stand back out of the way and just sign the checks.;)

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