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On 6/1/2022 at 6:26 AM, drzaius said:

Have you calculated the dollar value of that? I just checked Gabon ebony prices at the local hardwood emporium (their prices are premium, but they have about everything) and it is $180/BF!

I think this is why I had a state of disbelief when he lugged that billet in.  You could make guitar fingerboards out of this thing.  I have to assume that since there are splits and raw sections to some of the material that the good folks who were emptying that section of the warehouse just didn't know what they were moving.  Those flaws still leave the bulk of the material in sections that are much larger than the usual 1" x 2" x 16" wax-dipped stick I usually buy.  In their jaded minds these few "scraps" probably weren't worth the effort to bend over and pick up. 

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Just some kind of old dark junk wood, no doubt.  Just leave it for someone else to deal with.

I know a guy who as a teenager was told by his Father to go build some sideboards for a truck.  He built them out of Walnut.  Of course, his Father was really angry.  When he asked his Son why he used the Walnut, the Son said, " I just thought it was some dark junk wood".

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