What prices do you find?


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For ungraded, questionable dried walnut that's a bit expensive for my taste in 4/4. For thicker that could be ok.

I bought some 6/4 #1 for $8/BF. I'm probably a bad person to ask though as i buy wholesale. No picking through a stack, it comes bundled and loaded on my trailer with a fork lift. So far i like it far better than retail as the stack isn't picked over so the color match is usually excellent, and all the good pieces aren't taken.

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I must be getting scammed. I guess this what happens when your the only wood dealer in the area. Woodcraft is like 16bf but really bad quality. This place isn't much better but atleast the walnut is somewhat the same color. Whenever I visit family in California I load up with as much wood as I can. Also don't let that superior fool you, thats the only walnut they have lol


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