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@Mark J - The wrist is doing well, thanks.  I am a big fan of physical therapy since it has cured so many of my ills over the years.  Way better than going under the knife :).

Here's the general idea. I have grown lazy in my old age and do not do highly detailed renderings anymore. As long as I can pull the dimensions and joinery details I am happy with "shop drawing" level images. I quickly and crudely colored this one to give you the idea of where I am going with this build.
This is a re-scaled piece using the dressers for my own home that I have been playing around with for the past few years (not built yet) as a source design. The plan is for figured cherry veneered panels within a typical frame and panel design. Height and width are purpose driven. We plan to have a cushion made for the top so we can sit on it to slip shoes on and off and such. The width is driven by a king size bed. Ergonomic scale is all too important in designing things if you don't want to bark your shins on odd-shaped objects

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I use denatured alcohol as a rule with varying success.  Like most pads the rubber component is the weak spot.  I have ones that are 15 years old and still functioning but my environment is pretty mild compared to other parts of the country.  I have lightly sanded by wiping them across a sheet of 220 grit stuck to a board for the really old ones.  This seems to provide some extension of pad life.  Certainly if the push pad slips it is not something I want to use :unsure:.  I also have some grout floats and shop made push blocks.  Those don't have a lot of the tricked out functionality and their pads also eventually fail but, they are a third of the cost or made from scrap. ;)


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