Linen Cupboard Doors


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On 12/2/2023 at 5:58 AM, Mark J said:

Would one ever drill the Forstner holes in the frame piece before glue up?  That way you could use a drill press.

Definitely no expert on this type of hardware but I'm sure you could.  The distance from the edge is in millimeters and dependent on the hinge.  My Blum 38N series cups leave only 3mm between cup and door edge so the profile of this edge would have to be pretty well complete before you measured for your holes pre-assembly.  Using a support it is not generally a problem to drill the completed door at the drill press.  These just happen to be 44-1/2" long and bringing the tool to the work seemed easier.

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For most pulls I prefer to use threaded inserts.


Some shapes (like the current ones) do not have enough meat to accept an insert so I just use a pilot hole.  Either way the through hole in the door or drawer is a bit oversized to allow a small amount of fine tuning.  I'll try to snap some pics of the layout method when I get to that step. 

It usually involves tape on the door face to mark on, positioning the pull in a pretty-close position and marking its position, drilling the through holes, repositioning the pull via the previous layout marks, and using a drill or a transfer punch to mark the base of the pull through the through holes.

An advantage on these door (or additional challenge; it remains to be seen) is that the pulls will form a sort of oval pattern where the four door corners meet.  This means they will not be directly in line with the vertical and horizontal visual elements of the doors.  The trick is to get the look I'm after without it looking like I just tossed them on there :huh:.

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Looking at before and after it puts an immediate smile on my face. Living in that house will improve your attitude if you see those doors a few times a day. This work is very good for the eyes and brain!  gee-dub you continue to amaze. Thank you for this and all threads. You make it magazine quality.

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