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Finally dusted off the lathe and got to work on some pecan slabs given to me by a fellow woodturner. The slabs were out in the weather for a good while and had splits everywhere but I was able to cut

Just sanded this one out and wiped it with poly

Black walnut bowl about 7” across from a chunk Ricky sent me. Sanded to 320 and Osmo wiped on and buffed. Still needs the backside done.

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2 hours ago, Gary Beasley said:

Thank you! (taking a bow) Mother nature did the most important part, Ricky found it and I just finished the job.

So I guess that would be a group project then. ;)

Very well done to all involved.

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Latest project at the request of my daughter. Glued up some bradford pear from a tree that grew in our yard. Turned it round then sized it down the full length with caliper while turning, then when it was even a shear scrape down the length and first sanding with sandpaper on a board to take out any unevenness. Sanded to 220 and wiped down with walnut oil.A21C291C-744E-4C6A-B0EC-8AEEA84D7003.thumb.jpeg.d548ed64cd145ab12a7c22175fb328b5.jpeg

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4 minutes ago, Gary Beasley said:

Latest project is an 11” ambrosia tiger maple platter. Here its had sanding to 220, polishing with two grades of Yorkshire grit and a couple of coats of Osmo finish buffed on to it. Still have the bottom to work on. I did all the finish turning with a bottom feeder gouge ground at 55 degrees.7A5967F9-70D1-441A-A5D6-9018AB4494EC.thumb.jpeg.3a73ee4c39633b02e28c22f6095727be.jpeg

I love this piece Gary, great job!!

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