4" PVC to Flex hose Adapter needed


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Can someone share what part they used to connect 4" PVC to 4" flex hose?  Right now I have a 6" to 4" SDR reducer with bells on both ends.  Would like to have a connector that I can screw on a 4" flex hose.  Can either fit into the bell of the 4" or I can put a short piece of 4" pvc into the bell and then insert the adapter.  I purchased one on Amazon and it doesn't fit.  Instead of trial and error I figured I'd ask the group.   Thanks for the help!

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2 hours ago, Minnesota Steve said:

I haven't tried this... but Rockler has long had adapters for schedule 20 pipe, and last year or so they introduced adapters for schedule 40.



This is really important. Sch 40 is NOT the same as SDR35 they both say 4" but they are both not 4". The OP asked about SDR pipe which i hope he understands the difference. On SDR35 pipe the blast gate or other dust fittings fit nicely inside and offer an inexpensive options beings that a blast gate is < adapter. Not sure why a more complex assembly with more parts is cheaper but alas it is. SDR35 will be sloppy inside a SCH40 fitting leaving problems.

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Years ago I needed to do something similar.  I don't remember what it was for.  I do remember how I did it though.  The 4" pipe end was soaked in boiling water, and the metal outer (metal) part of a No-Hub fitting was put around it while it was still soft, and the screws tightened.  It actually did a very pretty job of it.


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Thanks for the replies.  I already purchases 6" blast gates which fit great with the 6" SDR35 pipe.  I also have the 6" to 4" SDR reducers.  I have a thin wall 4" PVC pipe that fit inside the reducer and could use that as long as the flex hose will fit over it.  Waiting on delivery of the flex hose.  I would prefer something with threads on it which should hold the hose on the fitting more secure.    I am aware of some of the differences between SDR35 and SCH40.  First one that caught my attention was the price..  :)     I'm actually heading out tomorrow with the inlet section of my Oneida V3000.  Just got delivered yesterday.  Someone posted where they used a 6" to 6" adapter that fit snug into the Oneida inlet port.  The 6" to 6" SDR adapter is too small..rattles around.  Guess the next problem....I mean challenge... if the Schedule 40 fits the Oneida inlet port adapting the Sch40 to the SDR35 pipe.  I'm seeing a big rubber Fernco connector in my future.

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9 hours ago, pkinneb said:

gee-dub what's the piece of wood on this gate for?

This particular gate used to rattle about halfway closed for some reason. I used the threaded hole where the lock knob used to be to hold the wood, counterbored the piece of wood and epoxied in a magnet.  Seriously, it’s not as elaborate as it sounds. Now the door drags against the magnet and stays in whatever position I happen to put it in.

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If you have a short section of PVC pipe/adator it is possible to gently reduce the outside diameter or increase the inside diameter by turning on a lathe.  

Mount in Cole or Longworth.  Scrappers work best.  Light cuts and frequent trial fittings.

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The Schedule 40 coupler did not fit into the inlet of the Oneida.  I purchased a rubber fernco that looks like it will work.  Still need the 4" adapter with threaded hose end. Does anyone have an amazon part that they have used?  The one from Grizzly is for a Schedule 40 pipe which I don't think will work with thin wall PVC?  

I've got these two.. Any idea which one has a better chance of fitting? :)




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