Texas woodworkers?

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Scott, you might also try Houston Hardwoods off of 290. Their pricing is better and they have a price sheet in the office where Clark's doesn't. Both have good selections.

Oh, and welcome to Houston and sorry about the traffic in your area!

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Thanks!  They are on my list to checkout also.  Do you know of the delivery terms for either?

Haven't had too many traffic issues yet except for congestion up hear on Riley Fuzzell/Rayford Rd. area due to the Grand Parkway construction.  Of course, we are coming from DC where you have to plan your whole life around traffic so anything would be an improvement.  But, so far, we like everything and needed the change of scenery!

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So I finally made it to Houston Hardwoods and I was pleasantly impressed.  Friendly staff, nice selection of hardwood and plywood, and decent prices.  I drove down on a Friday morning so traffic wasn't too bad.  I picked up a few nice QSWO boards.

They also said they would deliver to my area at a very reasonable price.

Finally, the young man that wrote up my order lives very close to me in another neighborhood so he struck up a conversation about the area, so we had that in common.

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Next time you're town, drive a little farther, inside the loop to The Heights and check out Clark's Hardwood. A little better variety and selection but about 20% more expensive. And they don't have a posted price sheet so ask before you fill up your truck.

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