How is Covid19 affecting you?

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My wife and I are in the "high risk" category and we are finally scheduled for our first shots, sometime in February.  Here in Washington state the system is truly FUBAR'd.  First you have to go on line to get "approved" then my wife spent well over 8 hours on the phone trying to get scheduled.  There are only 3 places in the county administering the shots.  I swear 2 three year old children on a chocolate high would be better organized.

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Haven’t had a “date night” with my wife in a couple months since babysitters and other childcare options are out. Nothing says romance like being surrounded by power and hand tools, sawdust in the air

After a lot of hunting and clicking my wife and I were both able to get appointments and vaccinated.  And now I am finally set up (with vaccination and liability insurance) to be a volunteer vaccinato

Honestly, I find myself fighting off a bit of depression.  The Illinois Governor issued a Stay at Home order taking effect today.  It actually doesn't change things for me and my wife, we were already

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23 hours ago, JohnG said:

Which one did you get? Sounds like the reaction my wife’s coworker had to the Moderna vaccine during the trials. He did not react as much to the second part. 

It was the Phizer vaccine, according to the paperwork.

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Good for all of you that have the vaccine available to you and are taking it. I think it's a great opportunity and may offer some sense of security.

I'll get it as soon as I can but I'm going to be in the 2nd to last group of people. I'll probably only get it before unemployed 20 somethings. There is just no way to go back to a normal way of life without doing something like a vaccine. If there was another way I'm sure society would be considering it.

20 hours ago, Mark J said:

My wife is eligible for the vaccine two days from now.  What's got us aggravated and disgusted is the total lack of any public information on who to contact, where to go or how to get in line.  In Illinois/suburban Chicago there isn't even any information about when and where that information is going to be available. 

Here the news is saying sit and wait if you are in the system they will contact you. Each state is handling the roll out differently.

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It seems like area with higher population density seem to have more difficulty managing vaccine distribution. We are fortunate to live in a county with < 100k residents, but is the headquarters for the largest health care system between Memphis and Nashville. Still, we were not alerted to Cody's eligibility by the authorities. We heard by way of a special needs athletics organization that he participates in. Even then, my wife and I did not expect to be eligible, but were told we were on the spot, as his 'care givers'. 

With the Phizer vaccine, it might pay to show up for vaccination events, even if your eligibility is uncertain, as they would prefer to administer doses that might otherwise be spoiled. Of course, the high population areas don't seem to have a surplus of doses, most of the time.

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Here in Canada we have started the Vaccine rollout, but have hit a few delivery snags. We are scheduled to receive 500K less vaccines than were originally scheduled. Most long term care homes in my regions are completed, but the "general" public is quite a ways off from getting the jab. Our Federal Government ordered enough vaccines to inoculate the entire country 5 times over. Not sure of the delay logistics, but it's a hot topic here.

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