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Hi everyone, came upon this site looking for a new forum to inhabit. Due to a long distance move, health issues due to being an old fart I have been basically inactive in working wood for about 5 yrs. I went onto my old favorite website and was very disappointed in some of the changes I found there.

I enjoy designing and making projects from scratch within my abilities. Due to my home I can't use some of my power tools because I lack 220 v service and no reasonable (costwise) way to get it. The only power tool I miss is the table saw for long rips. So my 5 hp Grizzly cabinet saw will be sold and replaced with a 120 v version of something else. A real downgrade but am considering a portable jobsite saw of some type. Anyway I like quiet and mostly will use hand tools except for previously mentioned longer rips I don't have the stamina anymore for hand ripping

Anyway, I have relocated to the Chicago northshore burbs and am really going through a cultural change. Thanks for being here and while investigating this forum I think I'll like being here.  Regards, John

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Well double welcome @JohnV as I, too, live in suburban Chicago. 

If you're interested in such things there are a few flatwork clubs as well as a few turning clubs in the metro area.  The ones I know of are west and south, but since all the club meetings are on Zoom nowadays that hardly matters.

I think you can be alright in a 120V shop.

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