The Jensen Z-Chair

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36 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

This is going to be exciting. I think i like the Maloof chair you made better. That is not to say that i dislike this chair. I'd be happy with both!

I agree on both counts, that Maloof lounge chair is a better looking chair, but I don't dislike this chair. 


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1 hour ago, pkinneb said:

Very nice! What are you using to shape the arms/legs?

Roughing it out with the Festool Ras 115, then cleaning it up and refining with rasps. Finally a random orbital sander with an interface pad. 

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@Mark J, I have used Osmo before. Used it on the Hank Chairs and on some other pieces. I do like it, esp love the fewer coat it requires. It is a little hassle using Osmo on a piece with all the nooks and corners these chairs have, and my hand was cramping up with all the scrubbing of the finish in different directions and angles. I see myself using the hard waxes more in the future, maybe the hand cramping will stop as build up my scrubbing hand.

When I do my Maloof stuff I like to be as authentic as I can be, so I use his finish. Probably unnecessary to think that way, but in a small way I think his pieces require his finish. 

@Chestnut, it's always an impatient time waiting for the upholstery to be done. I'm also excited to sit in them, I haven't done that yet. But I'll keep myself busy making the pair of Walnut Z-chairs. 


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  • 4 weeks later...

Beautiful Bmac!!

I was watching some crime show on a late 70's case recently and they had a chair very similar I told my wife I know a guy who just made a couple of those. Really glad you didn't go with orange cushions though LOL

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