watch cabinet for 60 watches


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32 minutes ago, mat60 said:

What is this junk dado set you speak about? 

Thanks mat. Well i've had that set for so long i can't even remember where i got it, probably HF 20 years ago. every time i look at good sets the money goes somewhere else. its not real bad for what it is but a new set is on my Christmas list, right at the top.

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33 minutes ago, Chet said:

 New granddaughter yet?

Thanks Chet, it's coming along as time allows. no granddaughter yet, it the wife gets wrapped any tighter i may have to dart gun her to get some rest:D


16 minutes ago, pkinneb said:

I can round over the box joint corners like that,

thanks @pkinneb, i may have mentioned i did a walnut hope chest for daughter #3 that has rounded dovetails on the top and all four corners, i really liked the effect.

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On 10/28/2017 at 3:58 PM, K Cooper said:

Looking real good bud! What will the door(s) be made of?

Thanks Coop, take a look at they have some great chests for everything from tools to guns. i bought their hardware for the single door that goes on the front and pivots down on pins and slides under the bottom drawer, a picture is worth a thousand words so check them out. i think i found their site on here, maybe not. the door on mine will be butternut center with breadboard walnut on the vertical sides only, same width as the walnut on the top and bottom with similar inlay

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On 10/23/2017 at 4:49 PM, treeslayer said:

Thanks Chet, rounding the dovetails over just softens up the case a little, it just didn't look right with square corners IMO.

great decision ... I think it looks way better than with square edges!! 

Was it any tougher rounding them over than normal corners without dovetails in them?

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I finally started the interior of the 5th drawer that holds watch parts and trays for his collection of pensDSCN1109.thumb.jpg.77cad8712329db5b3359f060305c4ab6.jpg

found some i don't know what wood and routed out for the pensDSCN1108.thumb.jpg.e426de2bc9e9e0d0f3d93448c6afe43c.jpg

made a frame for the trays out of butternut, the small lip will cover up the edge of the material i used for a lining.DSCN1111.thumb.jpg.56dc7fa50a58db9d839cff5eb1ceba66.jpg

the bottom tray can be removed if need be, the top one can not be taken out. i routed a 1/4 X 1/4 inch groove on the top part of the drawer front and back and a similar groove in the front and back of the top tray  and glued in a 1/4" X 1/2" X 6" spline that rides in the groove i created in the front and backDSCN1112.thumb.jpg.c554ed32c0ed371612e28a9670007eb3.jpg

both trays installed, the idea was to double the room for the pens in half the space as the top tray slides side to side.DSCN1113.thumb.jpg.9cce70a3c8bee9bb28dd054fcf612b3e.jpg

case full of drawers, did i mention i hate installing hardware?  now back to the lumber yard for more butternut for the front door and the back. DSCN1110.thumb.jpg.6b00fcb54e4cda5519ef436768bf893b.jpg

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