Roorkhee (campaign) chair

Mick S

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31 minutes ago, Chet said:

Very nice looking project Mick.  When you say you ordered the leather package does that mean all the leather work was complete other then you affixing it to the chair?

Yes. Turnkey package including all the mounting hardware. 

16 minutes ago, Mark J said:

Really nice!  Hoe do you like turning?

Love it, but that's the problem. I did a good bit of turning years ago, but know what a rabbet hole it can be. I look at your work in wonder and know that if/when I bite off and get a lathe it will be all she wrote for furnituremaking for a while.

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5 hours ago, Chestnut said:

This is an awesome chair. Looks quite comfortable as well as stylish. Does the suspension style of the seat put much pressure on the back of your leg with the front rail?

That's what the cross strap is for - relieves the front stretcher pressure. Very comfy!

33 minutes ago, vinnyjojo said:

Awesome.  Is that the one CS had on Woodwrights Shop where he shows how all legs would self level on non-flat terrain?

Yes. No glue so it conforms to the floor.


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