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21 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

This is looking really nice! What grit to you plan ti sand to? I've heard sanding to 600 is good for controlling blotch on cherry. Of course, you don't want to completely eliminate "blotch", or all that lovely figure would go to waste!

As for the pulls, I like your idea of a dark brown wood. I favor cocobolo, as it has a reddish cast that seems like a good compliment to the cherry.

I went to 220 with the prefinished side panel. The fronts looked like they might blotch a bit more when i hit them with mineral spirits maybe I'll take them to a high grit with this new flashy festool sander.

If i go with wood pulls I'm drawing more of a blank on design then species. I looked through rockler and lee valley catalogs to see if anything caught my eye and everything looks to plain or too modern.

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Thanks guys!

30 minutes ago, Eric. said:

Nice Nut.  You should put the TV in the middle. :)

I just kinda threw the tv on there you make a good point.

18 minutes ago, treeslayer said:

well done Drew!, kick back and relax as you watch that cherry turn even more beautiful.

If any one is sharp enough to notice there is a slight color difference on the front. It will even out with time the drawers and the bottom part are all from the same board. I'm excited to see how this just keeps getting better with age.


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