Burning the Handtool Cabinet

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Here's the bench.. To keep it honest, I can't take credit for the build.  A good friend of mine built it in exchange for most of the hand-me-down tools that have left my shop and been replaced.  

Hi, I'm Larry and this is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.

Yep, tossed it right on the fire!   Fact is that it was too big and still I out grew it.  My bench will be back in the shop in a couple weeks which is where the planes will live and everything el

I dig it man. I've thought a few times about making a hand tool cabinet but I come back to the fact that I like to see where things are and be able to grab them right where I work. I suppose a cabinet does have its merits, like you said, dust stays of your crap but for me,  the wall it is.

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10 hours ago, JosephThomas said:

What's taking so long? :D

Well, I did go get the bench on the same day I flew home..  Yes, I hugged the wife and kids first but, that was more of a bribe to get them in the truck to help me with the heavy  lifting.. ;)


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I will repeat what i said in the email, it looks amazing !! It's going to be such an awesome improvement to your work flow. Not only the awesome bench but having the tools more accessible is great. Sweet setup bud !!

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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

Nive layout, and sweet bench. What's your plan for working long stock with no deadman?

Thanks Ross..  Still thinking of adding the deadman.  I have the lip for it cut in the underside of the top.  I'd just need to add the bottom rail and the deadman to have it.  It could be added fairly quickly.

At this point tho, since I'm mostly a power tool guy, I'm wondering if I need it.  Figured I'd run without it and see if I miss it.

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10 minutes ago, bushwacked said:

Beauty of a bench there Kev! Do you have anymore pics of it floating around here?

New setup looks very functional! Nice job

I don't have any others right now but, will grab what ever you'd like to see..

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Just now, bushwacked said:

Thanks! I am just curious about the drawers ... on rails? anything special built inside them for help with storage? 

Pretty standard drawers right now on full extension glides..  Once I figure out exactly what and how things live in those drawers, I may do something inside them to keep them organized..  I'll snap a picture of them in a bit so you can see what I have now..


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3 minutes ago, Chet K. said:

That's a nice looking beast.  Should serve you well.  What woods were used?

The top is all maple with a walnut tray in the middle.  The chop is walnut and maple.

The base is all Hemlock.  The drawers are BB ply trimmed out with maple and walnut drawer fronts.  The pulls were built by me to match all the other pulls in my shop - I may remake these in maple as time allows.

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That bench is a beast.  I bet it weighs what two Roubos weigh.

I'm a little surprised Orgo Man doesn't have his tools tucked neatly in a custom cabinet, but Orgo Man works in mysterious ways.  Definitely an efficient space, and that's all that matters!  Mostly...:D

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