(Sigh)....Roubo time

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Sounds like you WANT rounded ends, but maybe the walls aren't straight and smooth? Like steps where the router didn't travel the exact distance with each pass? In that case, plunging the ends with the router would be my choice. In fact, I typically do a series of plunges first, to remove most of the waste, before traversing the cut at full depth to clean the walls.

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Highlander....you got it right! Will give it a shot



Quick question...the ends of the mortises I cut aren’t super clean. It was my first time routing that deep, and there are “steps” in the ends of them. What’s the best way to clean those up? My ideas are:

1) drill press with forstner bit

2) router with spiral bit and make a slow, controlled plunge.

Thoughts? Better suggestions?

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Hey friends, 

Back to work on the bench. I have cut the short stretchers for the legs, but when I put everything together, one side was about 1/8” too high, and the other was 1/8” too low. Marc’s advice on the video was to “adjust the tenon.” My question is, “How do I adjust it?” 


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8 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

The tenon is hidden, so you can trim material from one side, then add to the opposite side, to shift it around.

Exactly. They're large, with lots of glue surface, and they also get draw bored, so I wouldn't bother adding anything to the other side. Just use a chisel or rasp to remove some of the material in the way.

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I am a lefty....it happens. As far as first projects: a step stool for my daughter. I also need to come to terms with some sort of tool cabinet or wall. 
Whatever it is needs to be anchored to the foundation wall, or dropped from the joists.

What’s been your experience with cabinet vs wall?



Well...210 hours and a lot of learning later, WE ARE DONE.

Thanks to all of y’all for your help and encouragement along the way. Now, I think I will build something simple, like a small stool for my daughter. Or a baby rattle.

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3 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Hey... um ... someone installed the vises on the wrong ends of the bench you made


46 minutes ago, pkinneb said:

That was my first thought as well LOL

Didn't bother me.

24 minutes ago, Johnny4 said:

I am a lefty....it happens.

Me too!

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