Charcuterie Board

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12 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

Asks about my serving trey and then posts a serving tray that makes mine look like a childish attempt :D :P 

Beautiful work sir this is awesome i love it. How did you do the dip down in the middle with the sides?

Yeah that was on purpose Drew :o, not! yours looks great as does all your work. The center was cut out with my Forrest dado stack, start and stop points marked on the rip fence then a little sanding and card scraper, a couple of coats of mineral oil for finish. 

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6 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

That's really slick!  Did you put the bent lam in before hollowing?

Thanks  Ross ,The process was glue boards together, box joint the ends, bent lam strips, remove waste from the middle, taper the bottom of each end, taper the 4 corners. 

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19 minutes ago, Coop said:

You never cease to amaze. Beautiful job Dave! So you dropped the board down on the dado stack at a starting point  like you would for a stopped dado on the router table? 

Thanks Coop, yep the dado stack was set for a 3/8” deep cut and just lowered it down slow at the startling point and picked it up slow at the end point, just repeat for each 3/4” wide pass, i can’t wait to fill it up with delicious meat and cheese treats 

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Thanks @Chip Sawdust, I’ve made a couple of other ones out of a single board, nice looking but not much challenge, originally this one was going to have the maple ends attached with sliding dovetail joints but I thought that was too much work for too little show, I thought about using thru dovetails on the ends of this one, maybe on the next one I build I’ll try dovetails

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