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One year follow-up yesterday and no signs of cancer! 

Had my CT scans yesterday and officially 2 years cancer-free (also a 45 year cancer survivor) 

There's been a pair of barred owls around our property since we moved to it 8 years ago. We hear them all the time especially after dark but every once in a while you'll see one when it's light out. T

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I don't know anything about Ohio, except that I've never met anyone from there that didn't leave out "to be" at every chance.

This is a local country store, with a grill, that advertises the "Best Burger on the Planet".  I believe they have a good chance at being right on that.  I've eaten a lot of burgers, in a lot of places, and theirs is head and shoulders above every other one I've ever had.  It's sort of a cross between a Mom and Pop grocery store, and country store. The meat in the burgers, and everything else they cook, is fresh cut, and has never been frozen.  I'm sure no one here has, or will, hear anything else about it.

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I received my LN tongue & groove plane today... it's so easy to use... I'm loving it so far.


Pictures please !!

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Twine is stronger then dowels

I can't disagree with this.

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