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27 minutes ago, Mike. said:

I have thought long and hard about this.  The top 3 rock guitarists of all time:

clapton, nugent and frampton

Welcome back duck. 

I'd have to say Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, and Joe Bonamassa. My opinion only. Robin Trower would be right up there as well.

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3 hours ago, duckkisser said:

got a dog named her frankie and about to kill her and bury her in the hole she digs in the same spot every morning

Welcome back Duck.  Maybe you need to get frankie a 4 legged playmate.  Most times two dogs keep each other active and wore out.


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1 hour ago, gee-dub said:

Nice to know I'm not wandering around alone out here ;-))

I had an original paperback copy which I left on the workbench in the cellar of my Mom's house when I moved out in 1979. The next time I looked, maybe ten-fifteen years later, it was gone.

I think someone stole it. ;)

I imagined it would be worth something today, but I see I could get one for $20 on Ebay.



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