Am I turning into Shane?


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1 hour ago, bradpotts said:

I went in to woodcraft today to buy a Bosch miter saw because I broke the handle off my piece of junk harbor freight and came out with a kapex. I also bought the track saw and domino a couple months ago.

Light weight if you ask me.  As I look at 8 systainer things.....

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You might not be Shane yet, but as a wise "man" once said...<br /> "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will"<br /> Curious how you went from a $500 saw to a ~$1500 one in a matter of an hour or so? What sold you?<br />

I was talking with the guy at woodcraft. He had a Bosch in the back that they used for their classes. He said that he didn't really like it that much. He said when he is cutting 8/4 it has a tendency to jump up during the cut. I was also reading some reviews and on multiple reviews they said when they talked to Bosch the representative said the saw "was for construction not fine woodworking." That turned me off a lot. The only reason I was looking at the Bosch is because I have limited space in my shop and I wanted it to be back against the wall. After comparing the two, it seemed like they took up about the same amount of space because festool has the rails running forward instead of backwards. I was also thinking that if I bought the Bosch because I knew the festool is better I will eventually want it. I also have two big trim jobs coming up and the angle adjustments seemed a lot better on the festool. 

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The Kapex is a great saw. I very much like mine. However, don't think you're gonna push that blade through a big cut like a hot knife through butter. On heavy cuts, take it slow. The saw lacks in the power department. While I've managed to cut through everything I've needed to including 3.5"x5" maple roubo legs, it didn't cut it with great authority. 

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