Greene & Greene lamps


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A little progress today, final fit of the top and glued it in place, put walnut splines in the corners, a little strength but mostly looks cool, and glued the shades to the skirt. the skirt won’t be cut for the stained glass until I’m closer to the end, bases start tomorrowDCF9FE55-0478-4073-8298-A042E147A20C.thumb.jpeg.cbc4787b5a5db43f072fa28af2018a49.jpeg

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54 minutes ago, Steve B Anderson said:

Looking good Dave. I was wondering how you made the angled base on the other lamps.

Thanks Steve, I had it in my head that I would have to box joint them before I tapered them but that is not the case, so more work for me then I was hoping that the grain pattern would be more interesting but it’s not, still very nice I think, glue them back together tomorrow then square up the top and bottom as the top is like a birds mouth and the bottom has a slight point<_<

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Dave, sometimes for me, the obvious is not always obvious, even with pics. So you cut the side pieces in half to obtain the taper you were after, thus taking the taper from the insides of the boards instead of cutting the taper on each outside of the board? Hope that question makes sense? 

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That is correct Coop, I was hoping to create a more interesting grain pattern by removing the waste from the inside but it didn’t work out so more work for not much result, I should have just tapered the outside then I would not have had to deal with the birds mouth and point at the top and bottom but in the clamps now so all is good

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On 7/30/2019 at 6:59 AM, Bankstick said:

Looking at one of the first photos- you can never have too many clamps. Thanks for the series of photos. Nice project!

treeslayer, we're at the age where we don't buy green bananas!

I agree, there is no such thing as too many clamps, this plus a selection of pipe clampsA0CC3E65-9B22-4D88-8456-33F73F2351B0.thumb.jpeg.5fb66c5aea72c752b521bae24ac31ea8.jpeg

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