Greene & Greene lamps


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Dave, you knocked this one out of the park. What a fantastic build this was. Thanks for sharing this with us and it really showcases your woodworking skills.

I’ve been wanting to make one of these lamps for quite a while now and your journal will help me get started. I just hope it will turn out half as nice as this one.

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24 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

'apron' around the shade be opened up with a wider glass, without comprimising the structure?

Thanks, yes it could Ross, and that may be in the design for the next one, an apron with small panes of stained glass all around, google mission lamps and you'll get some ideas what it would look like. some small changes will be made for the next build, box jointing the main base, cutting it in half and tapering it and glueing it back together was a completely unnecessary step on this one, could have been one piece. i did others that the sides of the base were dovetailed and those had to be dovetailed first to work in my Leigh jig and then cut and tapered

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15 minutes ago, Steve B Anderson said:

I just hope it will turn out half as nice as this one.

I'm sure it will Steve I've seen your work and its also top shelf woodworking, i would make some changes and if you get stuck on anything give me a PM, ill tell you everything i know in about 20 seconds!  really there are no joints in them that aren't basic joinery they just happen to be all in one piece.

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Just now, Mark J said:

'Cause I could see these selling.

thanks Mark, iv'e never sold one i gave them all away, i made 2 cherry ones for myself, gave 2 to my son, 1 went to my dentist, 1 to a good friend, both woodworkers, and 1 went to a silent auction to benefit the Children's Hospital in Iowa City where my granddaughter was treated for a heart condition that saved her life, that one went for $125.00. i'm keeping the 2 latest oak ones for myself for a walnut bedroom set that i have yet to build.

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I like the box joints on the sides of the base but it does make the style more A&C than G&G. I think if you made the wider protruding and rounded box joint's it'd nail the G&G style a bit better.

These are awesome it was fun to follow along.

36 minutes ago, treeslayer said:

1 went to my dentist,

Yeah my dentist makes a lot of woodworking requests as well.... :P:D 

She is a close friend of Megan and I.


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I believe one of those would fit very nicely on the G&G file cabinet I made! I just have to figure out how to use my new bandsaw on it as much as possible!

This is one of the most inspiring builds I've seen here. I appreciate the way you worked your way through, solving problems as they presented themselves. Beautiful design, great workmanship. Thanks for putting it up here!

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