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27 minutes ago, Chet said:

 I may have missed it but were did you get the design idea for these?

thanks Chet, i've always liked the Greene and Greene style of woodworking it applies to so many things kind of like Stickley or Mission style. a woodworking friend built a 3 sided over the chair lamp in G&G style said it was the hardest thing he ever made but i really liked it so i thought i would try a 4 sided one, lots of tests that turned to scrap and looking at G&G stuff on-line and in books is how i came up with the final design.

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1 minute ago, K Cooper said:

The base is really a neat touch. If you’re going to patent this design, you’d better do it soon as I may just copy this completely. Well, at least try and get close. 

Copy away Coop, you’re more than qualified I’ve seen your work, they are not too bad if you don’t think about the whole thing and break it down into steps

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Thanks bud, I appreciate that. A couple of years before I got into Woodworking, I asked my brother to make me a bedside table to go with an old bed that I slept in as a child. I guess you would call it Craftsman style. Both are made of qtr sawn white oak and this lamp would look great with both. Now to source a stained glass person, but first a box joint jig for my ts. 

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You know in the future you could post a plan of the end result, it would keep me from scratching my head one day only to come back the next and go aah now I get it LOL

This is an awesome piece that I may copy some day!! With the finish process and glass its really going to be amazing! 

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8 hours ago, gee-dub said:

Lovin’ It.  What’s the plan finish-wise?

With guidance from @pkinneb i'm going to fume them with ammonia and then mix up some garnet shellac, i've never done either one so a new experience for me but i've seen what Paul has done and its beautiful so i'm going to give it a shot. the jury is still out on what color glass to use, i'm going to wait until the final color of the lamps to decide.

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Slow but steady progress, made the cap for the top of the base that will hold the light fixture, it will be just screwed on to allow removal of the fixture if ever needed. here's the link to the fixture the product# is B515704, they have all kinds of stuff for lamps and about exerting else, only $18.00 for the fixture. now i wait for a decent day to fume and wait for the shellac flakes to arrive and do some tests before the real deal.IMG-2220.thumb.JPG.46adcf5b89bf73c22d3dd2ed96057956.JPGIMG-2217.thumb.JPG.96deb91f77119c2b1d2a4366de84fbef.JPGIMG-2218.thumb.JPG.b56f78825d964d1b65c45a2b6eaab1df.JPGIMG-2219.thumb.JPG.514357f0ea61a0bd61f86abd5a84c88b.JPG

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9 minutes ago, Spanky said:

Cousin Dave, you are the man on lamps. Just send me the Iowa tag on the wall. Do you need my address? :)

that tag says Iowa Nonprofit Firetruck on the bottom, it’s from the firetruck I was on so unless you have a firetruck I guess you’re out of luck Spanky:o

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