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Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dave I'm a novice woodworker from Wisconsin. I'm 51 years old so my hope would be to reach amateur level by the time I retire in 15 years or so. I'll be working as a weekend warrior for the most part. I'm just getting my shop set up. I don't have anything that needs to be made in a hurry so I will take my time and do my projects right when I do actually make something. My shop will be in one half of a 2 car garage so small would be it's size. I have inherited some power tools like a miter and table saw BUT the table saw is a 44 year old Pro tech and searching online for replacement parts actually took me to a site from the bought out manufacturer but alas no parts are available any longer. Can't imagine why, I mean really it's only 44 years old. It does work and cuts well and I can get blades but I'll have to work on ensuring it's square and make an outfeed table for it. Just a bit more about me I'm married, we rescue dogs and currently have 11 dogs and 2 cats inn the house. I drive truck but am home on a daily basis the hours are long however which is why I'll primarily be a weekend warrior my weekends being Friday and Saturday. That's about it from me stay safe and be healthy.

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I am also from Wisconsin. What part are you from. Me, down in Grant county.

Also, when it comes to those little table saws, there are ways around their lacks. (My shop is also a 2-car garage with everything on wheels.) For ripping sheet goods get a good circular saw and appropriate horses. For ripping boards, a 14" bandsaw with a good blade doesn't take up a lot of real estate. And a sled on a smaller saw can provide accurate board cross-cuts to give you the 90 degrees required. IOW you can do a lot with a little. And a sled can be used for miters, too.

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