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400 at the shop:

Every new home I worked on did this. The meter and huge panel were hung from “carriage house” garage structures and sub panels fed the house. No need for any hardware hanging from the house that way. 400 was never dedicated to the shop only. 

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2 hours ago, Chestnut said:

You can only run 1 dust collector and 1 tool at a time.Worst case that's not even 40 amps. There is plenty of room for AC, lights, stereo, and a TV.

I always scratched my head when some of those youtube shops put in 400 amp services....

Yep, My previous shop ran on a 50 or 60 amp breaker . . . apparently I'm starting to forget.  That was DC, tool and all lights.  Never had a problem.  I will have HVAC in the new shop which I have never spoiled myself with before.  Load calcs put us at 100 with a growth margin.  Real world consumption at a given moment . . . much less :).

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2 hours ago, Mark J said:

On a more serious note @gee-dub, how many 240V circuits will you have?  I am under the impression that code limits each circuit to one receptacle.  

This is highly variable as regional codes vary greatly. NEC as of 2017 states that any branch circuit greater than 30 amps can only have 1 receptacle. If you have a 240 20 amp branch the way I was reading the NEC you could have multiple receptacles.

1 hour ago, gee-dub said:

P.s. I didn't even touch on the GFCI requirements for ceiling mounted outlets but have rambled on enough for one post.  I am happy to answer questions and discuss things but I don't want to blather on so long that I scare everyone away from the thread

Not sure i want to know about this. Codes in CA have to be vastly different from my region with that whole earthquake thing you have to deal with...

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And those boys can put up the rock and tape and float between your morning coffee and your evening cocktail of choice. I’ve tried it before and there is no amount of paint that will make it look like I didn’t do it! 

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47 minutes ago, gee-dub said:

I am thinking on having the drywall and insulation done for me though.

I think I would rather do insulation and sheet rock before I spent, how many hours did you say, on my hands and knees with a caulk gun. 

Are you going to do any ply or T1-11 over the sheet rock so you don't always have to be looking on the floor for your stud witness marks?

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Have you ever tried to support even a 4x8 piece of sheetrock with your head while screwing it into joists that are where you hope they are supposed to be? Even with a tripod, it ain’t fun by any means. The walls are the easy part! There are guys that do this for a living and I for one, are not about to take away from that:D

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I was working on a big tilt up job before we could start forming up the tilt up walls we had 40,000 sq ft of control joints. we had this little girl apprentice carpenter I put her and another kid on calking duty. The girl stole a desk chair out of the office shack she sat on that chair and she was scooting along on that chair hauling ass calking those joints about 3 times as fast as the other kid. We had her finish out the rest of it, she was one of the last people to get laid of of that job, she turned out to be one our best hands.

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