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My DIL has a sister (lives on the other side of the country) who is an extremely unfit parent, so they have taken on legal guardianship of he 7 YO son. So now I am his defacto grandfather. His other g

Just spent a very enjoyable few hours with @Ronn W when he stopped by on his way to Marc Adams woodworking school in Indiana. A great bowl of chili and some homemade sourdough bread with cupcakes for

Only because I didn't want to disappoint you, Ken, I used mesquite for trim on the doors and stiles. And to top it off, I used Lone Star pulls.

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Since this double tree was so close to the building, I had been waiting for an East wind to help me change its mind.  The wedges that ride in grooves to stay together help too. I was also waiting for it to be late enough in the Fall for the sap to be going down, so I could poison the stump with Tordon.  I think it's right on top of the septic tank, so I just will let this one rot, instead of risking digging it up.  The blue color is the dye in the Tordon.  I put some on it three times, and it drank every bit of it.

The notch on the left side was because I had the 24" bar on the hot rod 066, the tree was a little over 30" the way I needed to make the last cut, and I didn't want to bother to change the bar just for the stumpin' cut.  That saw is fun to run with a 3/8"x.050 chain, and a 10 tooth sprocket, especially in Red Oak.  I normally keep the two foot bar on the 036, but I haven't had time to rebuild that saw, since eating a wrist pin clip, so I put that bar on the 066. 

I had been running an 8 tooth sprocket on it, but I could lean on that setup as hard as I could, and not slow it down.  I like to cut with a light hand, so I put the 10 tooth on it this morning.  If the chain hadn't been old enough to be stretched out a little, the 84 link chain would not have fit with that big rim.





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42 minutes ago, Mark J said:

@Chestnut, just curious if you made any provision for DC?

I'm on the fence there. I plan to use it on metal almost as much as on wood so I'm either goign to wear a respirator while using it and just leave it open or have to figure out a pot near the front wheel and use my festool DC when using it with wood.

I've ground some metal on it and currently the belt speed doens't appear to be fast enough to cause sparks but I'd rather not risk it. The risk just isn't worth it. If I leave the whole unit open i can just blast out the whole thing with the air compressor and won't have any worries.

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4 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

I remember Mattias' video showing a side cover with a dust port in it.

Mattias made a comment in one of his videos that made it seem like he was putting guards on the machines just to appease the internet safety trolls. As I won't be inviting internet safety trolls into my shop I'm not inclined to design around their helicopter tendencies.

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11 minutes ago, JohnG said:

I’m really wanting to make one of these now! Unfortunately house projects have hijacked all of my shop time. One day...

It didn't take me all that long. Maybe 10 hours total. I honestly did it because i could make a strip sander faster than i could get the one i wanted shipped to me through amazon.

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