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Well we are in the home stretch now on the Pekovich Cabinet. All thats left to do is make the kumiko, fit it in the door, and hang the door. To start the kumiko, I bought a 12" long piece of 12/4 bass

Now that spring has finally arrived, the time to get going on the project ive been waiting to start all winter has finally come. Last fall i joined instagram and began following my favorite woodworker

Yep I already have them made. Made them out of some scrap cherry.    

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Looks like there is a definite lack of wood being butchered going on here !  I don't think there is a length limit on posts that include so much relevant information. I'm learning new stuff and enjoying the ride. Thanks for bringing us along !

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@woodbutcher, back a few frames, what do you find the advantage to be, cutting the tails first on your dt’? By no means being critical, just asking. And how do you remove the waste on both boards? The reason for asking, I’m working on my third project with dt’s, all guild builds following Marc’s lead and he cuts the pins first. I understand from reading from others that it’s personal thing, whatever floats your boat. Just wondered your opinion. This thing is looking fantastic by the way, resaw was phenomenal. 

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