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Everything to do with the lathe seems to be slippery and needs a million extra things.

I do have access to a drill press at my dad's house and a very small shop so I think I'll be picking up a 4 jaw chuck and a drill press chuck. I saw Wen has a drill press chuck for under $20 so I'll most likely try that. Not sure if I want to look at the Wen 4 jaw chuck or just cry once and get a Nova. 

@Chestnut - Glad she's sleeping better. Hopefully the crying eases soon as well. Kids seem to just mess with you constantly. Once you get the hang of something it all changes and you're back to square one.

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On 8/23/2022 at 2:16 PM, legenddc said:

Not sure if I want to look at the Wen 4 jaw chuck or just cry once and get a Nova.

The cheaper Wen 4-jaw looks pretty similar to my Nova Midi chuck in design (no idea how the fit-and-finish compares). I would say, if you can swing it get one that uses a chuck key rather than the rotating ring and pair of pins. Those are knucklebusters and just constantly inconvenient to deal with, often requiring three hands to position the piece and the chuck and the ring properly.

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Reindeer looks good! Would be interested to hear about your process batching out 30 of them.

I'll probably hold off a month or so on buying a chuck since I won't have much time to use it. Will keep my eyes open for a sale on the Nova one. I think if I end up not using it I'll be able to sell it for more.

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This is the product that I used. I might buy a package of the 5mm size to just have some around. They could be useful for pins in some other applications.

As a note these are true metric sizes and the metric drill bits I have fit perfectly. Metric drills bit are always useful to have around.

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