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I can't believe it's been since July since I've posted on this thread ! It's been one heluva summer !!!  So I finally got the shop more or less finished. I got right to the clock since I only had

So i put the chairs on hold because i did not want to sculpt them indoors. The bubinga dust is terrible. Since it's my dads 65th bday this year, I decided to make him a nice gift. I got in touch

Been so busy I forgot to update the thread. The clock is more or less built. Just sanding and finish left which I will do once the new shop is somewhat setup. Beveled the underside on the top

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1 hour ago, Chet said:

That clock came out absolutely amazing Shane.  Your dad has to be pretty proud.

Can really see the family resemblance in you and your dad.  You guys even comb your hair the same way.

And the shorts, it's gotta be in the DNA! Great job dude! Thanks for sharing! 

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1 hour ago, Eric. said:

The matching plaid shorts is my favorite part

Those are my "fancy" shorts. I normally wear the plain Dickies shorts. Those are the "dressy" Dickies for special occasions. lol


1 hour ago, gee-dub said:

Help the old man out and build him a matching media cabinet will ya?

LOL, good point ! He need a new coffee table before the media cabinet though. 


10 hours ago, wdwerker said:

Signed & dated ?

Of course ! I will also have a brass plaque engraved with a personal message to dad that I will install inside the case somewhere. 

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