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On 7/27/2019 at 5:44 PM, Mark J said:

I cleaned out my DC filter.  Chestnut was sending me psychic guilt waves so I finally had to do it :).   What an unholy mess, I can't wait to have to do it again. 

And there's no truly effective method that I found.  Once the barrel was dismounted, and just for the sake of arguement, I tried compressed air from outside to in.  At a distance of 2 inches and 40 psi a little puff of sawdust came off the inner surface.  This was the least effective method I tried.

Once outside I stood the barrel up and gave the sides a brisk open palm tap and this dislodged a lot of dust, but nothing like all of it.  I think you'd have to treat this like a log drum--one you didn't want to use again.

Then I went for the leaf blower and blew out the inside.  Dust storm, but still plenty of dust deep in the filter pleats.  

So i tried vacuuming the pleats with the brush tool, but this only worked where the brush bristles would reach which was at most half way down the pleats.  

I tried a soft brush on the pleats, but with no better results 

Tried the leaf blower on the outside blowing in.  Not very effective.

Next I tried rubbing the pleats with my hand mimicking those flappers you see on some machines.  This yielded a lot of dust from the crevices, but it still seemed an endless supply.  Maybe combine this with the leaf blower some how.

I found this old post I'd made last year describing all the things I tried to clean the DC.  Apparently the leaf blower was so-so.  I can up the compressor to 60psi.  I'll check with Laguna before I go and flush it out with water.  

Fortunately or unfortunately this job is going to wait till warmer weather and until I finish the current project. 

But it may be a cold day in H before I get this piece done.  On the other hand this self isolation is kinda like H and these have been cold days--so maybe I'm supposed to clean the DC now?  Hard to understand.  Need another beer.

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Back to the Wynn filters, temporarily. I take mine, while in position and tap all around it several times. Then about twice a year, I disconnect it and put it in a large plastic garbage bag and stick my hand/arm inside and wrap the bag around my arm. Then just rotate it and work the hell out of the pleats. Kind of hard to describe otherwise. This will get the majority, IMO, out and good to go for another few months. I determine the timing with how much pressure builds up in the bag. 

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1 minute ago, wtnhighlander said:

By the time you are @RichardA's age, they should make nice lumber. Be sure to build something nice for your grand-kids!

It's probably big hopes, but I hope by the time I'm Rick's age that I'll be able to buy chestnut lumber in a store again.

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Those seedlings reminded me that we probably should water the ones we planted last week.  No rain projected for this week.  We watered them good then.

We have a timber stand for our childrens' retirement.  If we get as old as my Mother is, it might be for our second retirement.

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@Chestnut, do the American Chestnuts grow a tall, straight trunk?  I recall a childhood friend had a chestnut in his yard that was tall and straight, but there is a State-operated "tree farm" near me that has a stand of chestnuts hidden away in the back. They all have short trunks with major branches splitting off just a few feet from the ground. Always wondered if they were genetically modified, or some other variety.

They all make those devilishly-spiked nut casings, though!

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So American Chestnut in it's natural range is a 100 foot tree possibly taller (not many if any of these exist any more). There is the Chinese chestnut (this is the tree they are interbreeding with the American chestnut to produce blight resistant American chestnut trees) and it doesn't get as tall 40-60 feet. They state the American chestnut grows 18"-24" per year. Chinese half that.

Though where it's grown and how the tree is pruned when it is young has an impact on it's shape. An oak tree in the middle of an open meadow won't grow very tall but will branch out to a large diameter canopy wise. Trees grown in forests or in clusters tend to give taller straighter trunks.

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