What came in the mail today?

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I talked to my motor repair guy.  He said it's probably just the end cap, unless it fell out of an airplane.  He said it's not as easy as I might think to turn the shaft by hand, but I didn't get a chance to go try it again yesterday.  UPS truck didn't come in yesterday, so I'll probably see James today.

The seller lives near a UPS shipping center, so he took it there to ship.  It was on a pallet, and they said they couldn't ship it on a pallet.  Not sure what happened past that point.

edited to add:  I was able to easily spin the shaft by hand today.  Don't know why I couldn't on the first try.

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This took 7 months to get to me.

Today this flew into the shop

30 bdft of quartersawn white oak and 10bdft of maple from Bell Forest.  

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A former member here shipped me a DW 735 in a plywood crate. The thing was a tank and went freight by UPS or FedEx, don’t remember which. It had rope carry handles stapled to it. I think that helped.

 Things like motors come in foam filled blister pack inside of cardboard a lot of the time. If you didn’t keep the blister pack...it sucks trying to keep things nice. I would guess far fewer people can successfully package than cannot. 

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31 minutes ago, Mark J said:

@Chestnut out of curiosity do you know how many psi of tension Laguna calls for with a 3/4" RSK?  

Supposedly 15,000-16,000 but someone has mentioned that they should be tensioned to near 30,000 psi.

16,000 is listed at the bottom of the page.


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I remember reading somewhere that carbide tipped blades are best not left under tension when not being used.  I don't always remember, but the only saw I'm running a CT blade on is the 24".

I was able to spin that motor shaft this morning, pretty easily.  I think I must have been trying bare handed, the first day, and for some reason didn't spin it hard enough.

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James, our UPS guy, came today.  I told him I didn't want to file the claim until I talked to him.  I didn't want it to go against him any kind of way.  He said that it wouldn't matter a bit for him.  He said that box looked like that when he got in the truck that morning.  He said he almost just sent it back, but since we weren't home to talk to, the day he delivered it, he just left it.

He was getting his handtruck out, thinking I would just want to return it, and get my money back.  If I had purchased it at retail, that would have been the obvious thing, but it gets more complicated.

The day I was dealing with the seller, and shipper, I had looked up online what they sold for normally.  Amazon had them for $995, and a seller on ebay had them for $999.  That's why I put 1k insurance on it.  The day after it was delivered, the best price I found was $1309.  

The claim form has two ways to request compensation.  One is the amount of insurance, and the other is to have the item repaired, and send them the bill, with pictures.  I have the pictures.  

I talked to my motor guy, and he said he was sure he could fix it for well less than a grand, and it would be as good as new.  I know the good as new part is right with him.  The end cap costs $146.

I'm just going to get him to fix it, pay him, and send the bill through the channels.   Even if I end up eating it, total cost will still be less than half of buying another new one.

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6 minutes ago, Cliff said:

Got Andy Klein's 20" vise in the mail today. Box was tied and banged up so I hope nothing missing or damaged

The one i got was packaged so well I'm surprised by your picture. I really need to install that vise on my bench. I've had it sitting in my shop for almost a year now.

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13 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

The one i got was packaged so well I'm surprised by your picture. I really need to install that vise on my bench. I've had it sitting in my shop for almost a year now.

I gotta build the bench top it goes in. Well see which of us win :)

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1 hour ago, Mark J said:

@jussi I'm curious why you're mixing 12 and 18 volt tools?

JohnG probably has the more accurate answer.  But also because

1. Certain tools only come in certain voltages.  The installation drill (aka Milwaukee CXS as some on FOG call it) only come in 12v and the router only in 18v.  Also I think 18v installation drill would be too bulky / heavy and a 12V router might only be good for edge work (not that this would be necessarily a bad idea.  Bosch makes a nice one) and I wanted a little more versatility.

2.  A smaller tool is often more convenient for smaller tasks.  I have 20V dewalt sawzall but I find it too bulky for things like cutting pipes for plumbing, pruning branches, etc.  I borrowed a bosch 12v from a neighbor a while back and really enjoyed using it.  In retrospect I think this Fuel version might still be a little too big.  Only reason I got it is Milwaukee has been having some insanely good promos lately and couldn't resist. 

One big upside of Milwaukee is that most (all ?) of their 18V chargers will charge both 18 and 12 volt batteries.  I actually ended up selling the 12v charger that came with the drill which made that deal all the better.

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UPS picked up that motor today.  James (UPS driver) and I duct taped it back together the best we could.   The shipper told me they special ordered that box just for that motor.  It did have a lot of padding in it, that they had tied around the motor.  The padding was foam between two layers of thick paper.  I think it got dropped off a loading dock, or maybe it did fall out of an airplane.

Have heard nothing else, but it was just Friday that I filed the claim.

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Not in the mail, but dropped off by a friend.  He said he found it in the road in front of his house some years ago.  He said he left it sitting by the side of the road with a sign, but no one ever got it.  It's a 30 pound rock drill/ jack hammer. He just gave it to me.   I think it's about a $900 tool.  I have a 15 pound one, that takes 35 cfm, and my 7-1/2 hp compressor will keep up with it.  This one asks for 53 cfm, so we'll see how much waiting it requires.  Even the 15 pound one is noticeably faster than an SDS-Max hammer drill.





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