What came in the mail today?

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On my birthday, Lee Valley sent me the rest of my Father's Day present my youngest son got me:


I use these sanding grips on almost every project and manage to lose one each time. I need to make a box to hold them. Maybe a French insert will remind me to put them away.

Then on the 26th, maybe for Christmas in July, I get the zero clearance inserts I ordered on sale. I have been using one of these for the past three years. I really like this insert. It fits well and lasted years. It is just now getting a bit loose in the blade kerf. 


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17 minutes ago, Coop said:

I finally get to participate. Got me 3 ea. Dubuque 48” clamps and a 1/2” spiral up Whiteside bit.


Nice score Coop and I’m sure they will serve you well, you may want to give those sawhorses back to Noah in case he needs to build another Ark :D let us know how you like that Whiteside bit always wanted one that size

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I just almost would give up beer before I would the sawhorses. A customer that builds stainless restaurant equipment built them for me about 30 years ago. They use them in their manufacturing. They are made of 1 1/2” angle iron and I used them with a 4x4 across them and a come along to remove a cemented fence post last week.  

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The UPS guy showed up again. This time is was for the sanding mesh rolls I ordered back in May. At least they got here! I have been wanting to try this for sanding turnings. I got the solid sandpaper rolls and they clog almost instantly. I experimented with a sample I got and it worked pretty well. Maybe this will do the trick.


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