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On 4/11/2022 at 1:09 PM, tperson said:

Didn’t do it today, but I fell prey to a strawberry plant sale last week that included free shipping. Plants arrived Friday and we planted 250 strawberry plants yesterday, started at 930AM and walked in the house at 5PM…no lunch break. I had tilled the rows earlier last week so we hilled them with a rake, covered them in landscape fabric, and then came back and planted after that…ended up with 5, 50’ rows. Our garden grows a little every year, this year we’re adding strawberries and popcorn to our lineup. 

Won’t the landscape fabric prevent the  daughter plants from taking root and growing? Or am I missing something?

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On 4/11/2022 at 1:09 PM, tperson said:

the sharpie marker had faded off the flag

We got these tags for marking plants. They are a metal foil over cardstock. You can write on them with a pencil or any blunt tip and it leaves an impression. Won’t fade or wash away. 


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Spent more than half the day in the Emergency room today with my Mother, who will be 106 on the 18th.  She sleeps in a hospital bed with a very sturdy siderail that is always up.  It takes both Pam and me to get her out of bed, since she's paralyzed on one side from a stroke two years ago.  Somehow she found enough strength in her sleep to get herself out of bed, but collapsed on the floor putting the bad leg under her.  She's clear headed, but has some bad dreams sometimes, and had one last night that left her thinking she needed to escape.

Long story shortened, called 911 and EMT's carried her to the ER.  They do xrays in the room now, and after a couple of xrays, they determined she had only bruised the knee, so sent her back home.

I'm always completely worn out after spending time in the ER, but wearing an N95 mask the whole time made it even worse today.

I didn't get anything done the rest of the day. 

At the same time the EMT's were coming in the house, Pam was helping deliver a litter of puppies.

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She hadn't been on the floor long.  We have a monitor in our bedroom, so we can hear her.  This happened while we were getting the dogs outside just before we go to get her up.  We had heard nothing on the monitor the night before.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.  I'm thankful that I'm still able to handle a 120 pound person at my age.  I'm going to have to stay closer to the house though, because she won't be able to help stand up at all for a while, and I don't want Pam hurting her back.

I've been fortunate to have work to do close to the house since she's been with us.  No way could I be off working somewhere else.  Even before this, I had to stay a few minutes from the house, and come when Pam calls me.

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I'm glad to hear that. I was going to suggest a monitor or alert of some sort. I'm sure she would have no idea how the hell to use it but I believe some of the new Apple Watches have fall detection where it can alert someone or even call 911 if someone falls and doesn't hit the button saying they're okay. There are probably more options out there targeted at older people.

Hope everything also went well with the puppies.

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There is normally no way for her to fall.  She doesn't move unless we move her.  We have no idea how she managed to get over the strong siderail on the hospital bed.  One of us is never far away from her.

If she stayed in a nursing home, it would cost us almost 10,000 dollars a month for the level of care she needs.  Those places are pretty pitiful at best though, since almost all the occupants are not as clear headed as she is, and they always have a bad smell to them.  The dogs are a great comfort to her here too.

Puppies are doing well.  There was a pair of twins in the 5 that had a total weigh for the two of them of a normal puppy.  One weighs 2-1/2 OZ., but is very strong and is nursing almost non-stop.  We've only ever had one other puppy this small before, but he is doing fine, and one of the top Agility dogs in the country now.

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I had a ‘15 CX-5 and the infotainment system was infuriating. I got excited when Mazda announced that they were adding Apple Carplay to current and prior models, but by the time I sold the car I still hadn’t heard any more about it.

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