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I didn’t think this important enough to start a new thread so I thought I would drop it here. A friend and beginning woodworker has been stoved up lately due the weather and has been YouTubing. He called today and asked what I thought about a horizontal router table ( the router being horizontal).Perhaps I lead a more sheltered life than I thought but, I have never heard of one. I see that Stumpy made his own. Does anyone have one or know the advantage over the conventional? 

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One year follow-up yesterday and no signs of cancer! 

Had my CT scans yesterday and officially 2 years cancer-free (also a 45 year cancer survivor) 

There's been a pair of barred owls around our property since we moved to it 8 years ago. We hear them all the time especially after dark but every once in a while you'll see one when it's light out. T

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There are many operations where a board or panel is run vertically along the router fence. Much more secure if the cutter is horizontal so the panel is on the table. One good example would be making raised door panels. Bits designed for this task with the router in the typical table are large diameter and scary. Along come the 'vertical' profile versions, with smaller diameters that don't threaten to fly apart at full motor speed, but require the panel be held in a vertical, unstable position. Turn the router sideways, now you can use a safer cutter AND the safer support for the panel.

Also, a horizontal router table can have the motor tilt to cut various angles with a straight bit.

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100 Vehicle Wreck

In the Ft. Worth area. 6 known dead. Just goes to show that we are not use to icy driving. We will get 17* temps Monday night with a 70% chance of snow.

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I just got home from an out of town job in a tiny village about 1-1/2 hours away. A long way to drive every day, but to short to put up with staying at a hotel. And there are no hotels there, not even a gas station. On the way home it was -35. Like living an episode of Fargo.

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9 hours ago, Coop said:

They are talking about us having “black ice” but not sure what that is? 

Like Gary says, it is a thick very smooth layer of ice.  Very transparent so the black of the asphalt is enhaced like someone has applied ten coats of ARS gloss.  Beyond Teflon slick, it is too treacherous to drive on, or for that matter even walk on.   

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